A Little Me Time

Things to Do for “Me Time” as a Mom

Do you ever feel guilty as a mom for wanting some alone time? Like away from the kids and husband? I know I do, and while connecting with other moms I’ve learned I wasn’t alone. It’s so important for us moms to make time for ourself during the week. To keep from wanting to run away and hide midday. Here’s a few things you could do to get in some “Me Time” as a Mom.

I know what your thinking “there’s no way I can get some me time in there’s never a moment someone doesn’t need me or someone doesn’t need something”. Well honey your going to have to  MAKE TIME. Get yourself on a daily routine and make the “me time” part of your schedule. Of course it’s not going to fit in everyday but if you have a strict scheduled and your disciplined it’s possible. I’ve listed a few simple things any mom can incorporate into her day to make it easy for “me time”. 

Bed Time 

Once the kids are tucked in bed lights are out this is the perfect time to use for your “me time”. I know for many moms this is the time used to tidy up around the house but you can cut that short to give yourself an hour before bed time to do any of the things listed below. 

Read A Book

I’m pretty sure after becoming a mom the only books you’ve been able to read are children books. Get yourself a good read plop yourself on the couch with your fav snack and get lost in the story line.

Netflix and Chill

Find a series on Netflix and veg out while the kids are a sleep to enjoy with non-interrupted TV time. Since the kids are not going to be around you don’t have to worry about it being G rated.


Use your “Me Time” to study a scripture or read a devotional and have a moment of peace. There’s no better way to find peace then spending time in the Word.

Listen to Music

Create a playlist of all the tunes that put you in a good mood. Plug in some ear buds and tune out the mess in the house and dance around like no ones looking. Its a good way to get in some exercise and let loose.

Go out for a treat

Leave the kids at home with Dad and go get yourself a sweet treat. Enjoy this moment of being able to indulge without having one of your kids down you neck begging for a bite. 

Mani and Pedi

Going for a mani and pedi with a friend is a really nice way to have time for yourself. Nothing beats a little girl chat while getting pampered. And if mani’s and pedi’s are not in the budget make it a spa night at home, put on a face mask and paint your nails.


Find a hobby you’ll enjoy doing on your own. Something like jewelry making, painting, maybe a DIY craft. If your not into crafting try things like an adult coloring book, or a putting together a puzzle. Keep yourself entertained and busy while doing things you enjoy. 


Start writing into a journal, not only does this give you something to do on your down time but its also therapeutic for a mom to get some feelings out. Try putting your feelings into a poem or write a story it doesn’t have to be a day by day journal just something to help express yourself. 

Bubble Bath

This is something you definitely want to do at the end of the night after the kids are in bed. Fill the tub with warm water throw in a bath bomb, dim the lights maybe have a glass of wine and just soak in the silence.  After a day of running around with the kids or having to rush home from work to cook dinner, clean up then get the kids to bed there’s nothing more relaxing then soaking in a tub. 

Social Media

Catch up with family and friends on social media see what everyones been talking about. I use social media to keep up with the latest trends and celebrity new but somehow I always get sucked into watching some random person live video doing some kind of DIY or make up tutorial that pops up in my feed. This is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. 

Download a Game

This is another way to get drifted away  for some “me time” download a silly game that will keep you entertained on your phone or computer. Give yourself 30 minutes of guilt free game time. This will keep your mind from thinking about all the things on your never ending to do list. 

Target Run

I don’t know about you guys but an hour of strolling through the aisle at Target all by myself is just so dreamy to me. I love being able to take my time and dig through all the clearance racks and shelves, cause lets be honesty its such a great feeling finding a good deal. 

time for yourself

Being able to make “me time” at some point in your day is extremely important for us mommy. It will definitely help keep your sanity so make it a point to take a moment to yourself and to decompose. I know just the thought of making time for yourself seems nearly impossible. But it can be done! You just have to be discipline with your time and set a daily schedule to manage the chaos like I discuss in this previous post. 

Lets get a support chat going for moms struggling to get in “me time” or feeling guilty about waiting “me time”. Comment down and lets support one another. 

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