Tips for Cheap Fun at The Pumpkin Patch

One of my favorite things to do with my family during the fall season is visit one of our local pumpkin patch. The kids love running around seeing all the different colored and shaped pumpkins searching for the right one. But those over priced pumpkin make it nearly impossible for a family like mine on a tight budget to even enjoy. One decent size pumpkin could cost you over $20, just one is the cost of dinner for my family of four. So trust me I totally understand why some moms don’t even consider visiting a pumpkin patch. Well my friends this momma here has some tips to help you gain some cool mom points without breaking the bank.


First trick:

How not to spend tons of money on over priced pumpkins is not to buy the over priced pumpkin. I, like many of you have spent tons of money at pumpkin patches until I realized “hey I don’t have to buy a pumpkin here”. The grocery store will have that same pumpkin for $5. Just buy it there.

gaby pumpkin

Second trick:

Since you know your kids are not going to want to leave the pumpkin patch empty-handed and they shouldn’t it would be torture. What I’ve done with my kids that I found to be budget friendly is, I let them go on a hunt for their own tiny personal pumpkin they can take home and paint. They seem to enjoy this so much more since it’s more personal and the price for a tiny pumpkin is anywhere from $2-$5 WIN WIN if you ask me.

 The girls.jpeg

My third tip:

This tip is one of fav, because a trip to the pumpkin patch is a perfect time for a mom to score some great fall pictures. I recommend taking advantage of this time and try get a good family shot for a nice fall family picture. Bring a friend, I alway invite my sister and her family and not only doI  get to enjoy time with my sister the cousins get to have fun together too. As we spend time together we also play photographer for each other another WIN WIN for the moms.

 gaby pump.jpeg

In all actuality kids just love being out the house and running around, the pumpkin patch is the perfect place for that. Let them run loose, have fun and ware them out for bed time.



  1. I love taking my kiddos to all the fall activities but you are right they get to be so expensive! I can’t imagine having more than one kid to take to all of these events. Thanks for the amazing tips!

    Josephine | Better as Us

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