The Solution to Keeping your New Year’s Resolution

Am I the only one wondering where the heck 2018 has gone? Can’t believe it’s already time for another New Year resolution and most of us haven’t even accomplish our old resolution. The struggle many of us moms face, we have all the intentions in the world to commit to our resolutions in January but come February we’ve lost all motivation and are failing miserably. Trust me I speak from experience and I’m too familiar with it all. After many years of failed resolutions I had to figure out a plan that was going to lead to success.  Now I want to share my wonderful techniques with everyone in the world on the solution to keeping your New Year’s resolution. 

One of my favorite phrases I use a lot is “do a little at a time cause it’ll get you further”. It’s so true, a little of something is much more than a lot of nothing. Instead of focusing on a New Years Resolution for the entire year break it down into 12 factors accomplishing one thing per month to help you stay on track and focus. Try breaking down that resolution into 12 set goals it’s a lot easier to maintain.

For example

The most common resolution people make every year is to lose weight or live a healthier life style. Everyone goes full force in January and by February the train beings to slow down and then days later it’s at a complete stop. But wait no more I have a solution to keep that train going and is guaranteed to work by following these simple steps.

Create a plan: Set a purpose behind this resolution and make realistic goals to stay committed. If your resolution is to lose weight the purpose would be to be healthy so you would create a healthier lifestyle. 

Set a goal: What is the big accomplishment your looking to complete by the end of the year. For losing weight the end goal should be a total number of pounds you would have like lost and maintain off by years end.

Divvy up your goals: Instead of aiming for just the end results divide up your end goal into 12 goals one for each month that would result in accomplishing the main big goal. 

For example:

1st month: Start a healthy diet 

2nd month: Start a work out plan

3rd month: Lose 10 lbs. 

4th month: Increase strength training 

And so and so forth for the rest of the year. 

By switching things up but remaining consistent will keep you on track and more motivated to keeping your resolution. It’s also ok to repeat your goals not all 12 months have to be completely different just make it realistic. 

These steps will help meet any resolution or goals anyone is trying to complete. Whether if your trying to save money, change your lifestyle, start a new career path or whatever it is I can guarantee it’ll be easier when you have a timeline of plans to follow.

Please share below your New Years Resolutions or some goals your looking to accomplish by the end of 2019. I would be more than happy to help you create a plan to live out your resolution successfully. 

If interested on having a custom action plan created to help you with your 2019 goals for FREE, please comment down below.

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