Giving Back As A Family

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It’s easy to get lost in the trendy things of the season like pumpkin spice that we forget Fall is still the season of Thanksgiving. It’s important to give our children a strong foundation in being grateful and thankful. There are many ways to give back as a family in helping the community while still having fun.

Ways to help:

Many churches put together food drives for local shelters or food pantry’s for families that struggling to make ends me. I know the struggle of not being able to afford to donate grocery when it’s hard to grocery shop for your own family. But you can donate your time as a family to help organize and distribute all the donation. Some local places in our area take in donations throughout the month but only distribute one time a month. Some local food pantry’s are set up like little grocery that are only open on the weekends. Most of these organization that operates a food pantry or organizes a food drive are nonprofit organization that run off volunteers so all ages are always welcomed.


Another way to get involved as a family and give back that will cost you nothing but your time is volunteering for different organizations or churches that prepare meals for the less fortunate. The Salvation Army usually serves a meal per day as well as local churches. The adults can help prepare and cook the meals while the kids help set up and serve. Every year in November our church puts together thousands of meals in a span of a week and distribute them through out the community. Volunteers are needed for prepping, cooking, cleaning, serving and delivering the meals. It’s not only a humbling experience for everyone in the family but it also gives us a moment of gratitude for the everyday things we take for granted like a hot meal.

Reaching out to a church or local organization is not the only way to get your family involved in helping out or giving back in the community. Going out and picking up trash from the parks, neighborhood or beaches is a nice way to give back. Get the neighbors involved on helping out too, giving back and bringing people together to help others is what this season is really about. It’ll also be a step for change and unity in the community which in today’s time it’s much-needed.

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Get creative with your family and make it a collective effort for everyone to come up with an idea on how to give back and show gratitude in the season of being thankful. Baking treats for the neighbors is always a nice way to spread some happiness. Leading a helping hand to neighbors or volunteering at the elderly homes is something to consider. Giving up your time to help others is such a rewarding feeling but its a much better feeling when you’re doing it with your family and seeing your children being the helping hands.

Lets make a change this season and get involved in our communities to give back as much as you can. Remember money is not the only thing to give, time and presence is much more valuable sometime.


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