10 Free Printable Valentine Day Cards for Classmates

Valentines Day is just around the corner and it’s about time to start putting cards together for the little ones classmates. If your looking for a quick but unique card, well look no more because I’ve made it easy for all you mommy’s out there with these FREE pintable’s every child will love to make and receive.

Here’s 10 FREE printable Valentines Day Cards, I know every child and parent will love. Including 5 non candy card ideas.

5 Non-Candy Valentine’s Day card ideas Word Search….

1) Word Search….

This Valentines Day card is not only cute but will also entertain the kids as well. It’s a non candy card that’s not messy and can keep the kids quite while concentrating on finding the hidden words in the word search.

2) Pencils….

Here’s a Valentines Day card that teachers will enjoy each kid receiving. Make this a fun DIY for the kids to create as well. Cut out heart shapes on construction or card stock paper with the saying “your just write” and attach a pencil. Or check out these free printable.

3) You’re a Cutie…

Here’s a wonderful non candy Valentines Day card that’s still delicious and cute! Place a cutie orange or mandarin orange in a plastic bag tie with a cute bow and add a tag that says “ You’re a cutie”. This is a sweet healthy treat that I’m sure many kids will enjoy.

4) Stuck on you….

This is definitely a cool Valentines Day card idea that will for sure make you one of the cool parents. Attach a washable tattoo to a card and with the saying “stuck on you”. For the parents who may not like the tattoo idea this also works with stickers. Either way this is a unique idea for a non candy Valentine Day card that every kid will love. Click here for printable.

5) Sip, sip hooray….

The kids are going to crazy with this card when they receive a Silly Straw. Print the free printable here that says “sip, sip hooray it’s Valentines Day” and attach a silly straw through it. Such a cute and fun idea.

5 Fun and Sweet ideas for Valentines Day Cards….

1)You’re a Gem…..

Ring pops are a sweet treat all kids love which will make this Valentine Day card the perfect gift. Giving out ring pops with a card that says ” You’re a GEM of a friend”. Will definitely be one of a kind. Click for FREE printable.

2) Minion….

This one is for sure one of the most creative treat for a child to hand out on Valentine’s Day. A Hostess Twinkie disguised as a Minion with a card that reads ” You’re one in a Minion!” its a really cute idea the kids would enjoy but it’s not that simple for the moms on the go with little time to craft. But perfect idea for the crafty mom who loves to be creative. Free printable here.

3) Pop Rocks…..

Another unique and custom Valentine treat are Pop Rocks with a card that says ” You totally ROCK” or click here for a FREE printable. The kids will love the sizzling treat.

4) Lollipops….

This a simple lollipop cover Valentine card printable to any child can cut out and put together with little supervision. This a simple lollipop cover Valentine card printable to any child can cut out and put together with little supervision.

5) I’m Bursting to Say…..

A shooting star cut out with a Starburst candy attach that says ” I’m BURSTING to say Happy Valentines Day” will have all the kids smiling. This is a wonderful card to receive on Valentines Day.

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