Creating a Daily Routine

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The hustle and bustle of a working mom is incomparable, its seriously a super power. Being a mother is a full-time job in its self and there’s no clocking out. Adding a full time job to provide for your family makes life feel nearly impossible. Trust me I know the struggle and although I have a supportive husband who tries to always help, we have opposite working schedules. He works in the evening from 4pm-12pm which is the witching hours around our house leaving me to juggle it all by myself, feeling like a single parent. In order for me to manage it all on my own I learned I had to create some kind of routine to have structure to keep me from loosing my mind or a kid J/K. I’ve provided below tips for creating a simple daily routine that is guaranteed to help you balance the chaos.


Tip One:

Your daily routine MUST be realistic and not wishful of what you hope to do. It should begin first thing in the morning and end at night when your going down for bed.

Tip Two:

Keep your morning and nightly routine the same each day.  The way you start your day will be the energy you carry through the day so its best to start it right. A few days following your morning and nightly routine and it’ll become second nature, you won’t even have to think about it you’ll just naturally do it. Of course not everyday will be a perfect start but the point is to have more positive starting days than wanting to throat punch somebody days.

Example of a morning routine:

Waking up every day at the same time || having a few minutes of personal time 5-10min (prayer, scripture, read an article, quote) || then get ready for the day before starting anything else.

Example of a night routine:

Nightly routine should start at the same time every night || prepare for the next day (get everything for work ready) || allow yourself some personal time before you shut your eyes (prayer, read, social media, watch a show) || set an alarm to end personal time and go to bed.


Us humans (at least I hope everyone reading this is a human) are natural creatures of habits once we create a daily routine it becomes a habit and minds are trained to operate off habit.

I can assure you creating a morning and nightly routine will give your day a positive start with good energy to help you manage the working mom life. To continue the healthy balance throughout the day you’ll need to create a daily schedule for your day-to-day task. Check out some tips I’ve provide on another article on creating a daily schedule to help maintain all the household chores like dinner and family time.

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