Creating a Daily Schedule

Being a full-time working mom always on the go and feeling like a chicken with your head cut off. You don’t know what to do next so you start one thing and move on to the other without finishing what you started. Umm…. yes, that was me and I’m sure many other moms out there too. But guess what, I have some wonderful tips I can guarantee you will bring you some normality.


Hopefully by now you have read the tips and information I’ve provide in a previous article about creating a daily routine. It’s very important to have a daily morning and nightly regiment that is consistent. It helps the start of your day run smooth and end your night peacefully, but what about the rest of the day?? That’s where creating a schedule comes in hand. So for all you working Momma’s out there that feel like there’s just not enough time in a day to work full-time, keep the house some what clean, cook dinner most night, have laundry done and not have a mental breakdown, I’m here to tell you it’s possible. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned to be very beneficial for balancing life as a working mom.

Tip number one:

Build a structured schedule. Know what to do and when to do it with every task of the day. Be realistic and do not overwhelm your day with what you hope to get done, your schedule should be true to life so everything can get completed.

For example if your working 8 plus hours a day and your child has soccer practice in the evening don’t schedule rearranging the bedroom as a task for that day because it’s something you’ve been wanting to get done. Those are task for days off where you can dedicate an hour or two of your time.

Tip number two:

Schedule all household things that need to be done daily at certain times and days. Whatever time you expect to be home every night after work should be the beginning of your schedule. Your pretty much clocking out of one job clocking into another.

  • First thing to do when you get home start dinner helpful tip; create a meal plan so you don’t spend an hour trying to figure out what to cook.
  • Another helpful tip; clean as you cook so you don’t have a huge pile of dishes after dinner.
  • As dinner is cooking this is your chance to tighten up around the house.
  • Take 5-10 mins (yes that’s all you need unless you live in a HUGE mansion) and speed clean around the living room.
  • You just knocked out 2 tasks at once.
Few helpful tips for the working moms with large families and extra curricular activities; multitask and double up whatever you can.

Clean the bathroom when you take a shower:

  • take 5 mins before you get in to wipe everything down
  • spray the toilet let it soak while you’re in the shower
  • scrub the tub or shower in the middle of showing
  • when your out scrub the toilet and take the trash out with you. BAM you just finish a household task for the week.

Another helpful tip; start a load of laundry as soon as you get home before starting dinner. You can have a load washing, dinner cooking, speed clean while dinners going and before you sit down for dinner laundry ready for the dryer. You’re welcome I just helped you complete 3 task at once.

Tip number three:

Have your kids and husband help out in any way they can. You definitely have to have patience as things won’t be done perfectly but with practice it’ll get better.

  • Teach your kids how to speed clean the living. I start a timer for 5 minutes and it turns into a challenge for them so it becomes fun.
  • Have the kids do homework while you cook. My kids usually start their homework in the car right after school. If they need help or have questions they save those problems for later and right before bed I’ll go over it with them.
  • If your kids are old enough have them pack their own lunch the night before.

Family Time: 

Family time is the most important time for any day for me but its also the hardest time to fit in our daily schedule. It’s something I do not miss out on no matter how busy of a day I’m having. I’ve learned a few ways to always get in family time with my busy schedule.

  • Dinner time everyone stops what they’re doing we sit together for dinner. One thing we do every night to keep us connected is our “Highs, Lows and Unexpected”. Everyone says the best part of their day (High) the sad or upsetting part of their day (Low) and something they didn’t expect to happen (Unexpected). Some nights we like extend dinner time so we can play a card game or board game while we eat.

For those extra busy days where we spend most of our time moving from one activity to the other and dinners on the go.

  • Car rides turn into family time. We turn the music off and talk about our day and whatever is on our mind. Staying connect with your kids and husband is extremely important.

Below is an example of  how I would schedule one of my days.

8am – 5pm WORKING
6pm: Start Dinner (homework for the kids) 
6:30 – 6:40pm: Speed Clean
6:45 – 6:55pm: Clean bathroom
7:40 – 8pm: Kids take a bath, I’ll clean the Kitchen
8 – 8:15pm: Bedtime for Kids  
8:20 – 8:45pm: complete a household chore (sweep and mop or laundry or dusting) and get lunches prepared for the next day
9 – 10pm: Start nightly routine: (shower, prepare for the next day, read or watch a show, get on social media just unwind)
10:45-11pm: BEDTIME

Depending on your flexibility with your day you might not be able to schedule every task at specific times. I suggest assigning a specific task for certain days. For instants Monday’s and Wednesday’s will be dedicated for laundry so no matter what time you get home your going to make sure you get a least one load wash, dried and put away.


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