Cheap or Free Fall Family Outings

Some of the best outdoor family outings happens this time of year. So many fun things to do with so little time and in most families (like mines) little money.  However I have a few ideas to maximize your family outing on a little to none budget. Trust me I know the struggle of wanting to entertain the family but thinking it’s not in the budget. Truth be told you really don’t need much money or any money to plan a fun fall outing. You might be thinking to yourself how can I entertain my family for free? Trust me I have some tricks and tips that all comes from my own experiences. Here are some cheap of free family outing tips.

First Tip:

Check your local listing for any events going on in town.

Most local community events charge no entry fee. There’s usually food trucks and vendors, live entertainment or music going on. Most of those things are not free but being able to enjoy the atmosphere is. If you’re looking to have free fun and spend no money I  recommend packing lunches, snacks and drinks no need to stop at the food trucks to spend money just enjoy some samples. The atmosphere of the live entertainment and socializing is enough to enjoy the vibes of the event. Kids just love to run around, and outdoor events are the perfect place to let them do that. Usually my husband and I just love checking out the little mom and pop vendors that are set up.


Second Tip:

For those who do have a little bit of spending money here’s some tricks I do with my family to make our dollar stretch:

Share meals – word to the wise eat before going to any event and snack while your there. However sharing meals is usual more than enough for lunch. Both of my girls will split a meal and so will my husband and I.

Pack drinks – Have everyone bring their own bottle of water that will easily save you $1-$2 per person.

Shopping, give each person a spending limit – If your going to treat the fam to a little shopping give each person a budget and let them handle their own cash. I usually let my kids spend their money which ever way they choose but once it’s gone it’s gone, so I always try to encourage them to make smart choices when making a purchase.

Third Tip:

For FREE fun

Picnic at the Park pack up the car with toys, bikes, scooter, kites and whatever the kids like as entertainment and spend the afternoon at the park. If your able to bike ride or walk to the park that’s an awesome outing in its self. Fall is the perfect time to lay a blanket down and have a picnic.

Check out State and National Parks – (some parks do charge for parking). Most national parks have informational centers with the history of the area local wild animals and displays of the local wildlife. Usual the information center will have seasonal activities for the kids too, its a great outing that won’t break the bank.

Parenting tip

This is the perfect learning opportunity on self-discipline for the kids and patient for the parents. I know for a fact kids are not perfect and do not like to hear the word “NO” especially when something draws their attention. Parents have to be patient when that fit happens and the child will being to learn you can’t always have what you want when you see it. If you choose to not go to events an to avoid situation like that there are still other free outdoor activities to do.

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