Being Accountable for Your Daily Schedule

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It’s typical for us moms to have an off day or 2 out of the week and sometimes it’s well deserve. Especially when you have multiple kids in after school activities a long day at the office and just feel burnt out by the time you get home. Trust me I get it been there done that and I let it over take me. I was having more down days then up days and got comfortable. I used every excuse I could to make myself feel ok about not getting things done. But truth be told it was total laziness on my part and taking the easy way out. Ouch that hurt to say but it was true.shutterstock_223664242-702x336

In today’s culture we’re being made to think its ok to leave things undone to reduce stress and anxiety. To a certain extent I do agree of course not everything can be done in a day. However with a balance schedule and a routine it’s easier to not leave things undone. Completing your daily task will definitely help reduce stress and anxiety because it gives less to worry about. In order for us to manage our schedule we have to hold ourselves accountable for not following the schedule. A few simple ways I recommend to hold yourself accountable for your daily schedule are:

Be realistic when setting your schedule

Do not overload your schedule by being a wishful thinker. You don’t have to burn yourself out day-to-day just to keep things in order. Little bits at a time will get more done then doing nothing at all and will leave less room for failure.

Accept your downfall

As I said before it’s ok to get thrown off schedule for a day but if you find yourself falling off most of the week then it’s time to be honest with yourself. Own the fact that you’ve fallen into a lazy slump. Hold yourself accountable for not committing to the schedule you created and MOVE ON to get back on track.

I recommend when finding yourself unmotivated and not able to keep up with your schedule change it up.

Remember to keep moving forward with your schedule. If something didn’t get done one day don’t move it to the next day unless you’re replacing one task with another.

Be your own motivator 

After being honest with yourself and facing your fall out, use whatever success you had before heading downhill to motivate you and remind you your capable of staying on track.

I usually set an alarm to remind myself its time to stop one thing and start another.  I’ll label that alarm with a motivational saying like “you got this” or “just do it” or “keep pushing”. Whatever it takes for that extra push.

Remember that you’re in control of your own schedule. If you fall off one day you get to start over the next day. If you have certain things you get done on a specific day and missed it one week, don’t worry about cramming it into the next day. That same day will come again next week you’ll just have double work for one task vs double task for one day.


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