Balancing and Managing Mom Life

Managing the Mom Life 

If you’re looking to take control and find balance continue reading, I have some tips I know will help you get in control and manage the chaos. I’ll break it down into 3 simple steps. 

From one mom to another I am here to tell you I completely understand your daily struggle of balancing and managing life as a mom. Many of you are full-time working moms like myself who just can’t find enough time in the day to get anything done.

The responsibilities of a mom seem endless but somehow we were gifted and wired differently than dads to handle it all. Some days we may not know how we’re going to survive the day we still find a way to push through. Getting through the day doesn’t always mean we’re in total control or getting household task done. I was once there for a long period of time, I used every mothers excuse out there, “I have small kids nothing stay cleans” or “I rather make memories with my kids then worry about a mess” or “I’m just too tired I work full-time”. Yes, I was that mom and yes its ok to have somedays like that but I was having weeks like that. Until I realized I needed to take control of my day and make myself accountable for not getting things done. That’s when I created a routine.

1) Routine:

Create an EVERYDAY realistic routine. It’s very important to be realistic or else your setting up for failure.

Humans are creatures of habit once we create a habit it becomes second nature. Having a daily routine turns into a daily habit and before you know it your moving like clock work. Start simple waking up at a certain time each morning and going to bed at certain time each night. 


  • Morning routine: Wake up, get ready for the day, have a few minutes of personal time 5-10min (prayer, scripture, read an article or quote something motivational or inspirational)
  • Night time: Prepare for the next day, get ready for bed, personal time, lights out.

2) Structure:

Put some kind of schedule in place, know what to do when. You have a better chance of getting things done when its scheduled into your day.

Depending on how flexible your schedule is schedule each task/errand or chore on a specific day and time.

Moms with not so flexible schedules may not be able to schedule their task by time of day but can assign the task to a specific day.

Example:(working mom)


  • Cleaning Bathrooms ( if bathrooms are cleaned regularly its only takes a matter of minutes to clean it) helpful tip; clean before showering.


  • Laundry (depending on the size of your family set number of loads your going to schedule yourself to get done) Helpful tip; start the first load as soon as you get home

Everyone schedules fluctuates depending on kids activities, work or errands so its important to create a realistic schedule. Don’t over book yourself.

3) Accountability:

Hold yourself accountable for following your routine and keeping up with your schedule. It’s all about finding the balance it’s important to set a schedule for all the daily task. It’s also important to schedule down time throughout the day to refuel and regroup.

    • Block off time out from your cellphone, computers, TVs and anything that may distract during your scheduled task time.
  • Take two to three 15 minutes breaks throughout the day to recharge.

Customizing these three simple steps into your everyday life will bring so much more balance and will help you manage the absolute chaos of being a mom. Whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home you’ll soon be in control

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